Everything is
taken care of

Monitoring of business
processes has been
made even easier

  • Reference books of services

    Information on services is provided to your customers: detailed description of hotels, services, transfers and excursions.

  • Booking management and control

    Setting of quotas for hotels. When booking an application, the program automatically keeps track of remaining vacant hotel rooms.

  • Document printing

    Choose the application you need and print out all the necessary documents, such as a hotel voucher or invoice. All the necessary information is stored in your database so you will not have to fill anything out by hand.

  • Invoice management

    The program manages invoices for services issued to tour operators, including hotel, transfer and others. Each invoice may be printed out on its own, or an aggregated invoice for control purposes may be generated by the end of the month.

  • A flexible pricing model

    The program features an option to input a price per person or per hotel room.

  • Preparation of applications, no matter how complex

    Start an booking process by using the reservation wizard to process booking from tour operators. After the reservation has been prepared you can print a voucher.The response you receive from the hotel (be it a confirmation or a rejection) will be marked in the reservation and sent to the tour operator by e-mail as an invoice for booked services.

  • Справочники услуг
  • Дополнительные справочники
  • Оформление заявок
  • Оформление заявок
I know what’s best

Analyze information and
make the right decisions.

  • A system of reports

    Over 100 output reports and print forms allow for an automatic generation of tourist lists (per flight, per tour, per hotel room accommodation, and specifying transfers and excursions), aggregated balance sheets and statistical reports on hotels, tour operators and tourists.

  • Transfer planning

    Special reports and the transfer wizard will enable you to plan transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, as well as excursions. Each tourist is assigned a specific bus with a driver and tour guide. The program prepares transfer lists sorted by bus and tour guide, and it also generates lists for bus bookings from third-party firms.

  • Система отчетов
  • Планирование трансферов
Easy to use

Usability is king.

  • Online interface for tour guides

    Organize your tour guides’ work using our plug-in module. It allows your guides to prepare tourist lists quickly and easily, monitor the number of sold hotel vouchers and print out transfer information and excursion programs.

  • A simple method of monitoring tourists in airports

    The special online modulegives you the opportunity to automatically monitor tourists arriving at airports.

  • Online solutions for booking reservations

    If you are interested in the reservations preparation process, the program has plug-in modules specifically for you. Now you don’t have to step in when your client(a tour operator/travel agency or individual)books a reservation, fills out documents, checks reservation status and much more.

  • Smooth cooperation with hotels

    Take advantage of the hotel resource management module. It allows hotel managers to confirm applications, oversee room clusters and prepare tourist lists on the fly. 

  • User-friendly interface

    The interface will be familiar to anyone who uses MS Office software for Windows. You will not have to lose time looking for a specific tool you need.

  • Integration with payment systems

    Using the online booking module for travel agencies and tour operators , your clients will be able to make quick and easy application payments through payment systems like ChronoPay, Global Payments Europe, LiqPay (Privat Bank Ukraine).

  • Price import wizard
  • Messaging system
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Document printing