Media partners
  • «TRN» «TRN»

    B2B travel portal

  • «» «»

    B2B travel portal for the specialists

  • «Tourprom» «Tourprom»

    The leading online magazine which works in the B2B travel industry in Russia.

  • «Tonkosti» «Tonkosti»

    Electronic assistant to a travel agent.

  • «TourBusiness» «TourBusiness»

    Information and analytical magazine for professionals of tourism industry.

Business partners
  • «Openbonus» «Openbonus»

    Discount & bonus portal

  • «Unisender» «Unisender»

    Email & SMS subscriptions

  • «SMS center» «SMS center»

    SMS-portal for B2B

  • «» «»

    Russia's leading service for online seminars.

  • «» «»

    The Russian online store of software and provider of billing for selling software products.

  • «PersonaGrata» «PersonaGrata»

    Specialization Persona Grata is a complex legal service, legal support for the tourist business.

  • «Leisure» «Leisure»

    International Tourism Exhibition.

  • «Euroexpo» «Euroexpo»

    International Exhibition Company. The organizer of international tourism exhibition Leisure.

  • «Mitt» «Mitt»

    Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition

  • «ITE» «ITE»

    The organizer of international exhibitions in particular international tourism exhibition MITT «Travel and Tourism".

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