Everything is
taken care of

Monitoring of business
processes has been
made even easier

  • Flexible pricing model

    Assign tour operator’s commission fees, extra charges and discounts to customers in percentage or monetary terms. Choose an option that suits you best.

  • Reference books of services

    Information for your customers: detailed descriptions of hotels, information on flights, insurance, visa support and many other services.

  • Booking management and control

    Hotel room assignments, transportation and tour destinations. The program automatically keeps control over the number of remaining hotel rooms or flight seats when you make a booking.

  • Creation of tour packages

    You can create simple or complex tour packages consisting of various sets of destinations and services. Your clients will have the opportunity to book a tour in a matter of minutes.

  • Creation of special offers

    You can create custom-tailored offers for hotels, flights or additional services!

  • Payment management

    At any moment, you can go to the “Payments” section to see whether your client has paid for the application or whether you have settled payments with your service provider.

  • Document printing

    Choose the application you need and print out all the necessary papers, such as hotel vouchers, airline tickets, insurance, trip sheets or agreements. All information is stored in your database, meaning you will not have to fill anything in by hand.

  • Preparation of applications, no matter how complex they may be

    Computer-assisted application preparation wizards will allow you to book both simple and complex tours.

  • Management of partners rewards

    You can assign yours customers special discounts or commissions within tour, special offers, early booking and etc.

  • Справочники услуг
  • Учет и контроль бронирования
  • Формирование туристических продуктов
  • Формирование специальных предложений
  • Учет платежей
  • Документы
I know what’s best

Analyze information and
make the right decisions.

  • A system of reports

    Over 100 output reports automatically provide information on settlements with partners, application payments, various tourist lists (per tour, per flight, per additional services or per insurance company), summary balance sheets, statistical reports on hotels, flight seat availability and partners’ info in a given period. Various financial tools, such as the cash-book, sales and account ledger and others, will make it easier for you to monitor, control and forecast your company’s profits and expenses.

Easy to use

Usability is king

  • A flexible administration system

    You can assign authorization rights for various activities to individual users as well as groups of users, assign sales manager control rules, individual interface settings for each user, etc.

  • A fast and easy booking process

    Booking applications has been made extremely easy for your customers through our online plug-in module for SAMO-Tour. This module makes it possible to book tours quickly and easily, even when you are not there! In addition, it can fill out documents, pay for applications and much more!

  • A user-friendly interface

    Our friendly, easy-to-use interface will help you find your way around the program in no time.

  • Convenient creation of new reports or document templates

    A built-in MS Excel type-setting editor, adjustable documents, lists and reports.

  • Integration with 1C Accounting software
  • Integration with e-mail clients
  • Flexible pricing model
  • A flexible administration system
  • Management of partners rewards