Program description
Everything is
taken care of

Monitoring of business
processes has been
made even easier

  • Customer monitoring

    Keep information about your tourists in the customer database. All the information you need is available at the tips of your fingers. When preparing an application, you can use information about tourists from the database.

  • Management of sold tours

    Work with applications and manage sold tours with the possibility of setting up “complex” (individual or multi-itinerary) tours. Regional tour operators will benefit the most from this function. We have taken into consideration a situation when, for instance, a tour package does not include the transfer from the tourist’s city of residence to the city of departure.

  • Payment management

    This function will allow you to quickly and easily monitor the number and dates of unpaid applications, as well as your mutual payments with tour operator partners and customers. Now you can evaluate your company’s financial health in no time.

  • The unified database

    The program’s main advantage is its use of the unified database to store information. For this reason, all staff members, such as managers, accountants or directors, have common access to the data and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Учет платежей
I know what’s best

Analyze information and
make the right decisions.

  • A system of reports

    Quick quiz: which tour operator’s offers generated the most revenue this season? Can you plan on higher commission fees from this tour operator? Which destinations were the most profitable this season? What about last season? Who of your loyal customers deserves to get significant discounts? Which hotels do your clients prefer to stay in and what kind of hotels do they like? The universal report system will give you a quick answer to these questions and many others.

  • The task and reminder system

    It is crucial to keep in mind every little detail of the business you run, like calling someone or sending an e-mail. It is easy to forget about them, since yellow post-it notes are unreliable and tend to fall off the computer screen the next day. Your worries are over, since our task and reminder system can now become your priceless assistant! Set up a task for yourself or your colleague, and the program will remind you about it precisely when you need it. Not a single little thing will be left unnoticed.

  • Система задач и напоминаний
Consider it done

Automate your business
processes and don’t waste
your precious time

  • Andromeda

    Andromeda, a built-in search and booking engine, will allow you to find the best offers for your customers online. And you don’t even need an Internet browser to use it! Search throughout all operators or only the marked ones. The search window is clear and easy to use. Our system does not record prices. Instead, it refers to the tour operators’ databases. Therefore, the returned search results are guaranteed to be up-to-the minute, including prices, seat availability and stop-sale lists in hotels.

  • Document printing

    Now printing out an agreement with a customer or application papers is a matter of one minute! Choose the application you need and print out all the necessary papers in only two clicks, be it an agreement, a hotel voucher or anything else. All the information comes from your database, so you will not have to fill anything out by hand.

  • Communication with customers

    Phone call management and control over advance applications. This CRM-module is primarily aimed at customer-oriented businesses whose goal is to develop long-standing relationships with clients and who prefer to have extensive information about tourists’ preferences and tastes.

  • Андромеда
  • Печать документов
  • Общение с клиентами
Easy to use

Usability is king

  • Information dashboard

    The dashboard is conveniently placed and will come in handy when you need quick information on time and weather anywhere on the globe, currency rates, etc. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to contact the SAMO-Soft service center via ICQ or e-mail to ask any questions you may have.

  • A flexible system of administration

    Assign authorization rights to your users. For instance, your managers can work with applications and payments while accountants take care of transactions, reports, etc.

  • A user-friendly interface

    A simple and convenient interface will allow you to figure out how to use the program in no time.

  • Booking applications right on your website

    Create your unique search and tour booking form right on your website using a plug-in   online module for SAMO-TourAgent.!

  • Integration with accounting applications
  • Automation of delivery
  • Management of advertisement efficiency
  • Management of issued discount cards and certificates
  • Built-in e-mail and SMS messaging