Online-module for interaction with shopping centers (B2B)

The module for interaction with shopping centers is designed to build a faster and more efficient channel for exchanging information with shop partners.

Network and private shops that meet tourists from the host company are given the opportunity to keep a record of mutual payments with the host company on-line.Each shopping center manager is provided with an individual login and a password to the personal cabinet where it is possible to mark individual tourists or groups of tourists who were in the store at any time to fix accepted buses and the amount of money spent.The system allows you to additionally capture, record and track the return of goods to stores.

Module features:

  • details of interaction with partner shops through a personal online-cabinet;
  • distribution of tourists in the shops, taking into account the dates, groups and routes;
  • regulation of the amount of commissions and fees between partners (from the amount of purchases and the number of tourists);
  • accounting of financial indicators for shops;
  • the estimation of demand for all categories of goods in stores;
  • control of returns and delivery of goods;
  • keeping sales history and commissions for shopping.

Online-module for interaction with shopping centers can be a convenient and unified format for interaction with partner stores.The exchange of information on tourists and rewards becomes centralized and transparent for all business partners.The module allows you to instantly calculate and see the profits of all participating parties and plan further interaction.For each store you can see in real time on the figures the demand for certain categories of goods and, accordingly, the overall effectiveness of cooperation for any period.And for the shops planning meetings of tourist groups will become more clear and operational.

Demo version: here

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