SAMO-select with reservation technology

We present to your attention the next stage of the development of the service, which allows your tourists not only to choose a tour from the received selection of SAMO-select, but also to book and pay for it.

The potential client of the travel agency receives from the manager a list with various options for recreation. Thanks to our development, each proposal in the selection contains a link to the reservation, after which the tourist enters the page of the order, where he will be asked to fill in information about tourists and the buyer, read the terms of the agreement, agree to the processing of personal data and book a tour. The client then proceeds to pay for the tour. Documents necessary for travel documents are printed on the page of your order, after confirmation of the tour by the operator.

Features of the solution:
  • Booking of the tour takes place only after the tourist pays the order to the agency
  • The order is booked in the database of the tour operator not on behalf of the tourist, but on behalf of your agency
  • In case of a non-confirmation of the tour, the agency can return the paid amount to the tourist. some time the money remains on hold in the PS
  • Additional check of the relevance of the tour at the moment of the tourist's transition to the reservation
  • Save time

    Save your time and the time of your customers. The manager needs to make a qualitative selection, and the tourist does not need to call back or come to the office, he can book and pay for the tour himself from the list.
  • Flexible settings

    The agency can customize everything "by itself": with what reservation is possible, a separate version of the contract for each service, the address of the outgoing mail (from which address the tourist will receive notices), the term of the relevance of the link to the booking and much more.
  • Contract on the fly

    The data entered into the order is immediately substituted into the contract (between the agency and the tourist), the terms of which the travel agency client takes before the booking and payment.
  • Branding

    The order page will contain the logo and contacts of your company, so the tourist can always contact you. Also, the reservation page can be issued in your corporate colors.

To test the service, please contact us.

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