On-line travel agency website (B2C-site)

Meet - this is our new product for travel agencies - a ready site with a booking system and a private traveler's office. A simple and elegant solution for creating an online store of tours.

Watch the demo version of the B2C site

Solution Advantages:

  • Relevance of proposals
  • In this solution, as in most of our products, the services of the Andromeda search system are used, which allow you to obtain data on prices and the availability of services directly from the tour operator database.

  • Simple administration
  • The user independently regulates the assortment of offers, i.e. selects directions and operators for work, determines the sequence of booking and payment, sets up mandatory fields, grouping the issuance, adds the texts of the contract and letters to the tourist, etc.

  • Payment for the tour on the site
  • You must choose a payment service (Platron, Fondy or Sberbank), configure the integration in your account, specify at what point the tourist should make payment.

  • Security
  • The solution is available via the https protocol, which indicates the high security of data transmitted between the tourist computer and your site. All information is encrypted in a special way, so its forgery or theft is excluded.

  • Design
  • Adaptive design of the site ensures its correct display on all types of devices. Design can be selected from several ready-made templates or ordered individually.

  • Integration
  • All our solutions are integrated with the SAMO-travel agent CRM-system, and the B2C-site is no exception. Applications made by tourists on the site will automatically be downloaded to the program - the agency will not have to duplicate anything manually - it's very convenient.

What will it take to get the site to work for you?

  • Register a domain and set up in your DNS zone a CNAME record of the form "bron.agency.ru IN CNAME b2c.samo.ru." in the DNS configuration you will be able to help, either the site administrator or the hosting provider.
  • Register in the agent.samo.ru system, get a special UID and tell it to us so that we can make the appropriate configuration for it.
  • Choose a ready-made template or order the development of an individual design.

"Individual design" service
Individual design is created based on the basic version of the site ( https://b2c.samo.ru/id/895/ ). All changes are made in accordance with the materials provided by the customer (brand colors, a guidebook, a design sample, etc.). Below is a list of works that are done free of charge within the framework of the "individual design" service:
1. Change the background of the page using the provided materials: substrate or branded colors.
2. Placement of the logo, phone, address and other contact details of the customer in the header / basement of the site.
3. Completion of the basement, in accordance with the color, design, firs, provided by the customer. style.
4. Select the location of the directories "currency" and "city of departure" in the header or in the form of a search.
5. Registration of the page with the search results and the reservation page in accordance with the color, design, firm, provided by the customer. style. (fonts, arrangement of elements and their sizes remain unchanged).
6. Change the text on the main page under the search form. Create 3 pages with a static text (for example "About company", "Contacts").

Other changes are agreed with the developer and paid by the customer in addition.

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