Software for travel companies

For travel agency

System for complete
travel agency.

For outgoing
tour operator

Software package
for automation
of the tour operator.

For incoming
tour operator

Automation of travel agencies,
service tourists
on reception.

For excursion

The program complex
for excursion companies and

Our abilities
Dynamic Bundling
Integration of the tour operator with GDS
Integration with insurance companies
Dynamic Pricing
Connection of electronic payments
Online exchange of tours between operators
API for searching 50+ tour operators
API for booking 50+ tour operators
Andromeda Tour Booking System

The company "SAMO-Soft" has been working in the field of information technology and software development for travel business for more than 30 years.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, we create reliable and convenient solutions for automation in tourism.

  • Our software packages allow the participants of this market to establish effective work and accounting within the company, as well as to simplify interaction with partners. Travel agencies, tour operators, reception operators and hotels we offer separate software packages. Each of them is designed taking into account the business processes of these segments of the market, taking into account their specifics and tasks to the maximum.
  • CRM for travel companies, developed by SAMO-Soft, have significant advantages. These are simple and understandable programs that do not require long training for personnel working with them. Each program can be supplemented by several blocks with different functions - the so-called modules. Starting the work with our software for tourism, the customer chooses exactly the modules that he needs. Thanks to this, CRM is flexibly configured for the tasks of a specific company and does not contain anything superfluous - only really necessary software blocks.
  • The software for tourist business was developed by SAMO-Soft, taking into account world standards in this industry. Therefore, it is in demand not only in Russia: today CRM "SAMO-Soft" is used in more than twenty countries. Our software is constantly updated and improved based on the experience and feedback received from customers. We are doing our best to study in detail the needs of the tourism industry, and on this basis to expand the capabilities and functionality of the software for travel business "SAMO-Soft."

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