is necessary tool for travel agencies


Professional program for travel agencies. Wide functionality will allow to establish an effective workflow. Full automation of the travel agency: from the call of the tourist to receiving feedback about the trip. Flexible adjustment of your business processes. Just choose the version that suits you: Version Comparison.

Built-in e-mail and SMS messaging.

These functions will give you the opportunity to not take your customers about new promotions and special offers, provide information about changes made to applications, gather reviews and send out compliments.

  • Optimizing the work of managers with clients
  • Reservation without leaving the program
  • Printing a complete set of documents for a tourist
  • Full-cycle sales management
  • Financial management
  • Analytics of work of agency
  • Integration with 1C
  • Integration with IP telephony
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising
  • Embedded SMS / E-mail lists
  • Setting up bonus programs
  • Professional interface and functional

The program for travel agencies "SAMO-touragent" is developed on the basis of real business processes.

CRM "SAMO-touragent" allows you to solve important tasks for the automation of a travel agency and achieve strategic business goals:

  • store and analyze all the necessary data about customers, keep information on tasks and sales for customers;
  • automate the work of the travel agency, starting from the receipt of applications and ending with the receipt of a review of the trip;
  • get a complete picture of each client, which will allow you to choose an individual approach and working conditions with it;
  • increase sales efficiency, increase conversion of calls;
  • receive detailed statistics on all areas of the company.
  • Automation of the travel agency with the help of special software allows you to establish an efficient work process, competently build a management system and offer quality travel services to customers.
  • "SAMO-touragent" will relieve managers of the routine work of filling out documents manually and reconciling information. It saves employees time and speeds up interaction with customers. CRM for the travel agency allows you to quickly get any necessary information - for example, check the details of the tour, its relevance. Due to this time, less time is required to process a customer request. With the help of the unique search service "Andromeda" you can find and book a tour in the operator's database online.
  • CRM for travel agencies provides rich opportunities for establishing communication with customers - creates a list of contacts, records the history of communication and the history of applications. The reporting system allows the manager to get a quick and accurate answer to questions related to the organization of the travel agency: to determine the most popular destinations, to find out the number of applications for a certain period, to calculate the profit and turnover of the company, to analyze the performance of each employee, and so on.
  • Automation of the travel agency simplifies control over the state of payments. Thanks to CRM, you can not only make out payment documents, but also control the flow of money to the account, track the maturity of debts, identify unscrupulous payers.
  • The program for travel agencies "SAMO-touragent" has a friendly, intuitive interface. Access to the database can be carried out from the company's office, as well as remotely. At the same time, confidentiality of information and data protection are guaranteed. Any questions related to the work of the program "SAMO-travel agent", customers can solve with the help of the support service.
  • SAMO-touragent – universal CRM for travel agency of any size. And large networks and small companies can use it to improve the convenience and quality of their work. The program will provide an opportunity to improve the work of the travel agency in all areas: customer service, sales, marketing and finance, but most importantly, it will analyze key indicators and draw the right conclusions regarding further development.
  • CRM-system for tourism - SAMO-touragent allows travel agencies to analyze huge layers of information and not to miss anything. From the first call to the final negotiations - everything is reflected in the program. You will immediately notice how all business in the commercial work will move from place to place with the help of our solution.
  • The program for travel agencies – is full control over the movement of work with potential clients. And most importantly, using CRM, you can find out the preferences of a tourist, choose the right vacation option for him, make out an application and book tours. SAMO-travel agent - an excellent solution for the automation of travel agencies, easy to use, rich in functionality and quick to configure and implement
Программный комплекс САМО-турагент представляет собой систему автоматизации турагентства. Программа функционирует на отдельном компьютере, в локальной сети, а также в удаленной сети по каналам Интернет. Все данные хранятся в центральной базе данных.
105318, Москва, ул. Вельяминовская, д. 34 5 этаж
Manufactured by: САМО-Софт
105318, Москва, ул. Вельяминовская, д. 34 5 этаж
Model: SAMO-touragent
Product ID: SAMO-touragent
от 10000 RUR
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