Program description
Universal CRM

Suitable for companies
any number.

  • Small agencies

    For such companies there is an excellent solution - SAMO-touragent version of the client. The program, deployed in the cloud, is a practical and economical option, because excludes maintenance costs, the travel agency does not need a system administrator, most tasks are performed through those. support. You can also choose either full functionality, or simplified, depending on the needs of the business.

  • Middle Agencies

    Even a not very large agency alone or with our help can introduce and use all the professional tools. Automate the travel agency in all areas: working with customers, sales, marketing and finance, but most importantly, that all this will allow you to monitor and analyze key indicators and draw the right conclusions regarding further development.

  • Large agencies and networking agencies

    Networking agencies simply need a program for automation. SAMO-touragent will provide for this a wide range of opportunities. All the offices and legal entities of the company are clearly structured, each manager is attached to a specific office. Thanks to a well-thought-out structure and its elementary configuration, it is very easy to analyze the work of both individual employees, offices, and the work of the entire company as a whole.

  • Универсальная CRM
  • Всё учтено.
100% automation

Automation agency:
from calling the tourist to receiving
review of the trip.

  • Loading in the program applications from the landings, from the electronic consultant or social networks

    It does not matter where the customer applied to your company - from landlords, forms on the site, email, online messenger, by phone or through social network. network - no contact will be lost, as they can all be downloaded and saved in the travel agent to continue communication with the client and bring the matter to the sale of the tour.

  • Integration with SAMO-select

    Make beautiful and informative offers with tours and send them to customers using SAMO-select, for each such contact in the Travel Agent itself, "communication with the client" is automatically created for further work with the tourist. After the tourist is determined, for any position from the selection in one click in the program you can create a full-fledged application.

  • Integration with IP telephony

    PHONE API or ready integration SAMO-touragent and MANGO-OFFICE will become for you an indispensable tool. You can not only track all incoming and outgoing calls, most importantly - you can minimize the percentage of lost calls and all statistics and conversation history will be available at any time.

  • Andromeda. Built-in online booking of tours and downloading applications from the site of the tour operator.

    The built-in search and booking system "Andromeda" will allow you to find offers to your customers online, and for this we do not need an Internet browser! Search for selected or all operators in the search engine. The search form is simple and easy to use! Our system does not store prices, but refers to the bases of tour operators, so the offers you found always have a 100% relevance for prices, availability of seats for flights and stops for hotels.

  • Automatic and individual e-mail and sms mailing to tourists

    Increase sales and loyalty of your customers with this SAMO-touragent function. Customize the sending of letters by events, make individual templates, inform on the statuses of orders, collect reviews. Use it to the fullest - it's very convenient. Confirmed by users!

  • Loading and unloading financial transactions from 1C accounting

    An excellent feature to greatly simplify the reception of payments and the separation of their applications. Your accountant will thank you!

  • Андромеда.
  • Андромеда. Результаты поиска.
  • Интеграция с 1С.
Indispensable in working with clients

The whole history of interactions
for each customer.

  • All stages of work with the client

    In SAMO-touragent, you can add a client, find a tour for him, book, accept payment, prepare documents, send a rest, get feedback on the trip.

  • Relationships with customers

    Due to the fact that the database stores information about all the trips of the client, you always know what he likes and can easily find what he likes. You will be able to tell the client about special offers or inform about changing the departure time using the built-in mailing list and, of course, never forget to congratulate him on his birthday!

  • Sales management

    Identify the preferences of a tourist, pick up a suitable option for him, arrange an application and book a tour. You see the information on each sale separately and on the sales volume of the company as a whole: taking into account the individual conditions of work with the tour operator and the client's personal discount.

  • Document management

    The program has templates that you can use in your work: contract with the client and jur. a person, an invoice for payment, a tourist permit, an application for a booking, etc. If necessary, you can customize any other document "for yourself," and the program can print online documents of tour operators.

  • System of tasks and reminders

    In our time, it is so important to remember all the details related to the work process: someone call back, send somewhere an e-mail. So it's easy to forget something, and the "yellow" stickers continually peel off the monitor or blow them away with a draft! Our system of tasks and reminders will help you. Create a task for yourself or a colleague and the program will remind you about it at the right time. Not a single detail will not be left without attention.

  • Общение с клиентами.
  • История взаимоотношений.
  • Документы.
Sales Analytics

All important figures are always
before you one click.

  • Reporting system

    Can you quickly answer the questions: which of the tour operators brought you the most revenue this season? Can you count on the increased commission of this tour operator? Which areas were the most profitable in this season? And in the past? Which of your regular customers have the right to expect significant discounts? Which hotels (and which category) do your customers prefer to host? To these and other questions, a comprehensive reporting system will help you quickly.

  • Funnel

    Remove this report after qualitative changes in the work (for example, the introduction of scripts, work with new advertising sources, connect IP telephony). Build "Funnel" for different managers, look for their weaknesses and strengths, conduct training. Look for "narrow" places, on which many customers are lost, eliminate the causes of "dumps" and again shoot the report.

  • Do not lose customers

    In the travel agency itself, you can filter out customers that have not been contacted since a certain date (for example, last year). The report displays a list of contacts of tourists with the topic of the last treatment and contacts. Our clients use the data of this report for returning customers, exchanging clients between managers, finding out the reasons for refusing to work with you, recruiting new clients for the customer base.

  • Работа менеджеров.
  • Общение с клиентами.
  • Эффективность рекламы.
Flexible settings

Set up the SAMO-touragent,
that was convenient.

  • Access settings

    Assign your users access rights. For example, managers work with applications and payments, and the accountant with payments and reports, etc.

  • Your business processes

    The wide functionality of the program will allow you to establish an efficient workflow in your travel agency, thereby freeing managers time to work more tightly with tourists.

  • Integration

    Most of the integration is easily configured through the personal office of the travel agent on Automate your work as much as possible.

  • User-friendly interface

    A simple and user-friendly interface will help you quickly get comfortable with the program.

  • Права доступа.
  • Integration with accounting applications
  • Automation of delivery
  • Management of advertisement efficiency
  • Management of issued discount cards and certificates
  • Built-in e-mail and SMS messaging
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