Program description
SAMO-touragent (local) SAMO-touragent (cloud)
Comparison Options Server / client Client
Costs for server capacity, their configuration and administration You need your own server where data will be stored, server configuration and administration takes place by the customer Not needed
Staff required to maintain the system At a minimum, the system administrator for servicing server capacities and the server of SAMO-travel agent Not required
Software Installation On the server is installed the server part of the software, in the workplace - client applications Installing client applications on the workstations
Rapid deployment About an hour 2-3 minutes
Internet connection It is necessary only for the work of the system of search and booking of tours, dispatches and communication with IP telephony Required
Data Security The standards and methods of data protection adopted by your company are used. In the program, security is regulated by setting access rights and individual logins / passwords The transmitted data is encrypted. In the program, security is regulated by setting access rights and individual logins / passwords
Backing Up Data Implemented by the client Implemented by the developer
Updates Free of charge within the paid period Free of charge within the paid period
Finalizing forms and reports there is there is
Functionality All professional tools All professional tools
Term of the license 1 year 1 year
Cost From 10 000 rub From 10 000 rub
Cost of Service Costs for IT professionals 0 rub
  • High level of data security
    The company places the database on its own capacities.
  • Full control of the data .
    Placing a CRM system on your own server allows you to gain absolute control over the data, customer information and all agency activities.
  • Pros for small business
    The program, deployed in the cloud, is an ideal solution for small travel agencies. virtually eliminates the cost of maintenance, the travel agency does not need a system administrator, most of the tasks are performed through those. developer support.
  • Cost saving
    There is no need to buy a server and invest efforts and resources in its deployment and administration, so it is quite appropriate for start-ups and agencies with a limited budget. Easy access for departments and employees who are geographically dispersed. If the agency has many departments located in different cities or countries, attracts freelancers or freelancers to work, the cloud CRM system will help to unite and coordinate the work of everyone who is connected to the program, regardless of geography.
  • Rapid implementation of CRM system
    Do not need to look for additional resources or IT staff. In addition, we will take care of the system updates, its maintenance and support.
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