Program description

Search service "Andromeda" - one of the unique developments of the specialists of the company "SAMO-Soft". This is a convenient, simple and reliable system of booking tours. It makes it possible to search for suggestions on the given criteria in the database of operators and to reserve them.

Functions offered by the search system for Andromeda travel agencies:

  • selection of the tour according to the given criteria;
  • the possibility of imposing cost restrictions;
  • the possibility of searching with the name of the hotel, hotel category, accommodation option, catering;
  • comparison of price offers of various operators;
  • output of information on the search results in a grouped form, the ability to regroup the data according to any of the criteria (supplier, hotel, city of arrival, etc.).
  • online booking of offers in the database of the tour operator;
  • The application is saved in the agency's back-office.

Tourist search system "Andromeda" gives users significant advantages:

  • Offers tours are processed by the search engine at the same time for all suppliers. More than 50 leading tour operators are connected to the system.
  • The travel agency receives only relevant and reliable information about the tours from the source
  • Like all software products of the company "SAMO-Soft", the booking system for travel agencies has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • "Andromeda" optimizes the work of managers of the travel agency. Due to the fact that the search for dozens of operators is carried out simultaneously, there is no need to open several sites, remember the parameters of accounts, enter the same data, manually compare the results. Therefore, the time to find a suitable offer is reduced by several times.

How to work with the Andromeda tour reservation system?

If you are a user of «SAMO-touragent» version 6.10 or higher, you can use the subsection "Search system" in the "Offers" section to search and book tours from the program in real time.

To work with the search engine, you need a login and password for authentication. To receive them, you need to register on you purchased SAMO-travel agent, then access to the search engine is given automatically.

The search system includes tour operators automated with products of SAMO-Soft. Working with the search engine, you are actually working with the system of on-line booking of the tour operator, thus gaining access to the most current information. When booking the application is automatically saved as a tour operator and you have in the program, which allows you to save time on re-entering data.

List of tour operators:

  • 1000 dorog UA
  • ABK Tourism KZ
  • Alean
  • Alf UA
  • Alliance UA
  • Ambotis Holidays
  • Anex Tour
  • Anex Tour UA
  • Aristeya UA
  • ArtTour
  • B&K Travel KZ
  • Best TT
  • Biblio Globus
  • Calypso Tour TR
  • Canaan UZ
  • Caucasian Tourist Holding GE
  • Center UA
  • Delta Travel UA
  • Dolores Travel
  • ExpressTours
  • Fakel
  • Feerie UA
  • Fond Mira
  • Fun&Sun
  • Fun&Sun Baltic
  • Fun&Sun BY
  • Fun&Sun KZ
  • Fun&Sun UA
  • Gal-Cruise UA
  • Glamour Tour UZ
  • Globus-Tour
  • Good Time
  • Grand
  • Gulf Travel UA
  • Hispatour UA
  • I-Lin
  • Indiana Travel UA
  • Intourist
  • iTour KZ
  • JoinUp UA
  • Kazunion KZ
  • Kompas KZ
  • Krist
  • Kukk Tour
  • Kvin-tur
  • Lik Tour UA
  • Lubosvit UA
  • LUJO
  • OneTouch
  • Orbita UA
  • Paks
  • Pegas-Tour (Chelyabinsk)
  • Pegas Touristik
  • Pilon UA
  • Prestige UZ
  • Pro Tour KZ
  • Royal Voyage UA
  • RZD Tour
  • Selfie Travel KZ
  • Siesta UA
  • Sonata UA
  • Space Travel
  • Spectrum
  • STA Novosibirsk
  • Summer Tour
  • SW Travel AZ
  • Test Stand
  • Tez Tour
  • Tour Group UA
  • Tourist Club UA
  • Troyka
  • VEDI Tour UA
  • Vilar
  • Vinpearl
  • Voiaj International MD
  • Voyager Group KG
  • Widerstrahl UA
  • Xclusive Travel
  • Zeus Travel UA
  • ZeusTravel UA (BG)
  • Zlata Praga
  • Дальневосточный Феникс
  • Мальдивиана
  • Русский Экспресс
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