is a unique solution for incoming tour operator


Designed for the automation of travel agencies, serving tourists at the reception. Here we take into account all stages of the technological process of the host company: from preparation of prices to tour operators to selling excursions and obtaining statistical reports.

A flexible pricing model

The program features an option to input a price per person or per hotel room.

  • Tour Accounting
  • Flexible pricing mechanism
  • Accommodation block counting
  • Excursion block
  • Making applications of any complexity

The organization of work of the travel company for the reception of tourists becomes easier thanks to the program complex "SAMO-incoming."

It includes basic functionality, as well as many additional modules that allow you to flexibly configure this software for travel agencies.

The basic functionality provides the following options:

  • systems of booking hotel rooms, planning transfers and accounting of tourists at the airport allow you to establish an impeccable job and offer tourists a high level of service;
  • accounting allows you to plan and monitor cash flow;
  • Automating the processing of applications of any complexity makes it possible to make the work of tour company managers more efficient.

Additional modules "SAMO-incoming" allow you to configure the software for a travel agency to receive in such a way that it fully reflects its tasks and business process. All of them are designed to work in online mode.

  • The booking module (b2b) allows the travel company to exchange current information and arrange sales of its services to tour operators and travel agencies.
  • The booking module for individuals (b2c) is software for travel agencies that is integrated into travel agency and tour operator websites and allows tourists to search hotels in the directory, compare prices, view photos and book rooms.
  • The module for managing hotel resources is the automation of interaction between travel agencies and hotels. The program block allows the hotel manager to work with applications that come from the reception operator.
  • An airport check-in module is required to receive incoming tourists. With it, you can quickly register, including simply reading the barcode from the voucher.
  • The module for the organization of the work of guides allows you to set up a system of accounting for the sold excursion vouchers, create and view information about tourist groups.
  • Automation systems of travel agencies "SAMO-Soft" stand out with an easy and friendly interface. Therefore, it is convenient to work with the software complex "SAMO-incoming". However, if the users of the program have difficulties or questions, the technical support service provides on-line help online.
Предназначен для автоматизации турфирм, обслуживающих туристов на приеме. Здесь учтены все этапы технологического процесса принимающей фирмы: от подготовки цен туроператорам до продажи экскурсий и получения статистических отчетов.
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105318, Москва, ул. Вельяминовская, д. 34 5 этаж
Model: SAMO-incoming
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