Program description
All taken into account

Automation of accounting
activities now
even easier.

  • Directories of services

    Information on the services provided to your clients: details of hotels, services, transfers and excursions.

  • Bookkeeping and booking control

    Quoting hotel numbers. When booking an application, the program automatically checks the rest of hotel rooms.

  • Accounting of accounts

    Records of the tour operators are posted for payment of services : hotels, transfers, additional services. Each account can be printed separately or a summary account prepared for monitoring, for example, by the end of the month.

  • A flexible pricing model

    The program features an option to input a price per person or per hotel room.

  • Registration of applications of any complexity

    Get requests coming from tour operators, with the help of the "Request Wizard". After registration, you can issue a voucher for the hotel. The received response from the hotel: confirmation or refusal, will be noted in the application, and can be sent to the tour operator by e-mail in the form of an invoice for payment of the reserved services.

  • Printing Documents

    Select the desired application and print out the necessary documents: voucher, invoice. All information is taken from your database and you do not have to enter anything manually.

  • Справочники услуг
  • Дополнительные справочники
  • Оформление заявок
  • Оформление заявок
I know how best

Analyze the information,
make the right conclusions.

  • Reporting system

    More than 100 output reports and printed forms allow to automatically receive different lists of tourists (for a flight, for a tour, with accommodation by numbers, for transfers and excursions), consolidated balance reports, statistical reports on hotels, tour operators, tourists.

  • Transfers Planning

    Special reports and the "Master of Transfer Formation" will help to plan transfers of tourists from the airport to the hotel and back, as well as trips on excursions. Each tourist is assigned to a certain bus along with the driver and guide. Prepare lists for transfer on the basis of a bus, a guide and lists for ordering buses in a third-party company.

  • Система отчетов
  • Планирование трансферов
Easy to use

Easy to use - the most
the main thing.

  • User-friendly interface

    A user-friendly interface, familiar to most office programs on Windows, will help you quickly select the right tool for work.

  • Integration with payment systems

    Using the online booking module for travel agencies / tour operators, your customers can easily and quickly pay for applications through the payment systems

  • Online Reservation Solutions

    If you are interested in the automation of the application process, additional modules are provided for you in the program, and your client, whether it is a tour operator / travel agency or an individual, will be able to book an application, issue documents, learn about the status of your application and much more.

  • Сonvenience work with hotels

    Use the hotel resource management module, which will allow hotel employees to promptly confirm applications, manage block locations and formulate tourist lists.

  • A simple way to count tourists at the airport

    Automate the process of registering tourists arriving at the airport using a special online module!

  • Online interface for the guides

    Organize the work of the guides with our additional module! It will help your guides quickly formulate lists of tourists, keep a record of sold vouchers or print transfer and sightseeing programs.

  • Работа с гидами
  • Продажи экскурсий
  • Import Price Wizard
  • Messaging
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Printing tourist documents
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