New version of SAMO-tour (2024.02)

01 April

New versions of SAMO-tour and online booking system (2024.02) are available for updating.

The main new features of SAMO-tour:

  • Improved service of adding a service to the application;
  • Price of additional services per arrival;
  • Changes in work with GDS flights;
  • Bonus system is improved.

**WARNING** Starting from the next version of SAMO-tour the calculation service and MongoDB service do not support Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20. You need to upgrade to a newer version of the OS. There are no changes in system requirements for Windows versions of the services.

The main new features of the online booking system:

  • Two-step search for static and dynamic prices;
  • New API methods for working with agents' payment accounts;
  • Transfer search module.

If you have any questions, please contact the specialists.

New version of SAMO-tour (2023.12)

13 March

New versions of SAMO-tour and online booking system (2023.12) are available for updating.

The main new features of SAMO-tour:

  • Change in pricing of additional services;
  • Multiple agent billing accounts;
  • Improved hotel booking monitor;
  • Finalised refund/reschedule requests.

The main new features of the online booking system:

  • Ability to additionally order and refund railway tickets in the agent's personal account;
  • Possibility to add multiple billing accounts in the agent's personal account;
  • Easier interface of the order view page;
  • New interface languages: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian.

New version of SAMO-touragent (7.6)

01 March

We have released a new version of SAMO-touragent software (7.6).

The main new features are:

  • Integration with F.Doc;
  • Integration with Life Pay;
  • Integration with Yookassa;
  • Integration with Tinkoff;
  • Integration with for users in Kazakhstan;
  • Updated API for integration with any IP-telephony.

For questions about migration to the new version of the programme, please contact our specialists.

New version of SAMO-incoming (2023.11)

29 February

New versions of SAMO-incoming and online booking systems are available for updating (2023.11)

  • *** This version can be installed, including when upgrading, only if you have Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or higher.
  • Key new features of SAMO-incoming:

    • Improved import of hotel prices of template #6;
    • Added import of hotel prices for SPO by Rotation;
    • Arrival/departure ban parameter is now passed through SAMO-tour integration;
    • Added the introduction of SPO (Rotation) in Hotel Contracts;
    • Improvements in new hotel contracts.

    A complete list of changes is available in the documentation.

    Key new features of online booking systems:

    You can find a complete list of changes in the documentation.

DB and DBMS resource monitoring system

29 January

For the SAMO-tour users the system of monitoring the performance of the main server database has been developed, which is necessary to evaluate the load and optimize the performance of the database and its directories.

Monitoring helps to:

  • Track the current state of processes and load of the server architecture;
  • Examine and analyze active processes "BEFORE and AFTER" by collecting and storing process information;
  • Detect abnormal situations and understand the causes of performance problems;
  • Make operational decisions based on stored statistics.
For implementation details and cost of the solution, please contact our specialists.

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