Tariffs for technical support

Price list on PC SAMO-incoming and Online-modules

(prices in USD / Ruble equivalent at the company's internal exchange rate)

SAMO-incoming (BACKOFFICE) Price
5 workstations 6,000
10 workstations 10,000
15 workstations 12,000
20 workstations 14,000
more than 20 workstations on request
Additional Online Modules
Online-booking module for tour operators / travel agencies (B2B) 3,000
Online-module for resource management of hotels (B2B) 3,000
Online-booking module for individuals (B2C) 3,000
Online-module for booking by individuals (B2C site) NEW 3 500
Widgets online-module for booking by individuals (B2C) [Wizard] NEW 3,000
Online-module for booking excursions by individuals (B2C) 3,000
Online-module for tourist registration at the airport (B2B) 2 500
Online-module for the organization of work of guides (B2B) 2 500
Online-module for interaction with shopping centers (B2B) 1,000
Online-module for checking tourist transfers (B2C) NEW 1,000

Data exchange with PC "SAMO-tour" (sending tour operator)
Installation and configuration of data exchange 1 900
Maintenance of data exchange 190

Installation and configuration 1 500
Maintenance 150

Payment gate
Installation and configuration 1 200

For Russian host companies, the price is calculated individually without reference to the exchange rate of the Central Bank .
Installation of SAMO-incoming PC and all online modules is free of charge by SAMO-Soft employees.
Upgrading the software without entering into an escort contract is 25% of the software package cost.
Improvements in accordance with the customer's specification for SAMO-incoming and additional modules are 1 person / hour - 75 USD.
For companies, users of the SAMO-tour program receive a discount.
Installation, configuration and maintenance of data exchange with the SAMO-tour is paid separately.

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