Online-module for resource management of hotels (Hotel-office) (B2B)

Online-module for the management of hotel resources (Hotel-office) is intended for managers of hotels with which the host tour operator works. To work with the module, hotel managers do not need any additional software, except for the browser.

Main features of the module

  • Work with applications received from the host tour operator: in the section "Applications" the hotel manager can view the list of all applications received from the partner, confirm or deny booking of hotel rooms, review the history of application changes, write comments on the application, and view managers' comments host tour operator. The system can be configured so that the manager receives an e-mail notification in case of receipt of a new application or a change already made.
  • Forming lists of visitors and departing tourists: in the section "List of tourists" the hotel manager can print a list of tourists, as well as download it in Excel format.
  • Management of block numbers: the hotel manager in the section "Block number master" can change the number of blocks of numbers without the participation of the host tour operator.

Demo version

Module documentation

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