About company

The SAMO-Soft Company to grow from a humble start-up in the sphere of IT technologies into one of the leading software developers in the tourism segment.

We take pride in having achieved spectacular results and gaining a solid share of the market. We were the first to offer the tourism segment a new ideology of automated office solutions of specialized software ensuring that tour firms operate smoothly. We are happy to be making a meaningful contribution to the formation of the specialized software market for tour companies, thus providing new opportunities for the tourism segment and promoting prospects for its further development.

SAMO-Soft today is:
  • extensive experience, professionalism, a close-knit team, an untarnished reputation;
  • effective business technologies and corporate traditions;
  • transparency, mutual understanding and trust-based cooperation with partners;
  • a business with a long line of products for all participants in the tourism market;
  • partners, clients, dealerships and outlets all over Russia and abroad.

The tourist market, as well as any other market, has its own peculiarities and business models. The analysis of the specifics of the industry has allowed us to create for each market segment a universal professional tool - a comprehensive system that automates the activities of travel companies in a particular specialization. Each software complex is a kind of business philosophy, which is technically implemented with the help of simple to understand and use modern tools, rules and world standards adopted in tourism.

  • For travel agencies

    The SAMO-touragent software solution ensures easy integration and work within the unified corporate system that automates day-to-day business activities such as:

    — finding the right tours, air and railway tickets;
    — order processing and handling the client database;
    — sales of tour services;
    — cost calculation to include all the various commission fees, discounts, etc.;
    — cost and management accounting.

  • For outgoing tour operator

    We offer the SAMO-tour software solution with a number of online plug-ins. In order to ensure maximum efficiency in business processes, the software solution includes the following features:

    — automatic generation of mass or complex tour products;
    — online sale of services;
    — working with tour agencies, hotels, carriers and end customers;
    — accounting and analysis.

  • For incoming tour operator

    The SAMO-incoming software solution is designed for tour operators working as receiving parties. The product represents a seamless integration of all the necessary tools to run this kind of operation. We delight in the fact that our solutions are popular both in Russia and abroad.

  • For hotels

    We understand the specifics and challenges of running a hotel business. That is why we present the SAMO-hotel, solution, designed for effective room management, which automates your online booking system using a website as an additional sales channel.

For years we have been exploring opportunities to implement our projects and new technologies to update and upgrade our software products, as well as to expand the functionality and capabilities of the software.

Looking to the future with confidence,
SAMO-Soft intends to stick to its chosen business strategy:
  • Cutting-edge innovative solutions of the software products we offer. Active cooperation with new partners, implementation of bold new business ideas and projects.
  • Localization of software products and entry onto foreign tourism markets. Investments in staff training and development.
  • Stable, long-term cooperation with partners and customers. Contribution to the development of information technologies in tourism.

We are doing our best to examine the needs of the tourism segment in detail and to go to great, almost impossible, lengths to satisfy them. What’s the secret to our success? Work is fun!

Keep it up, SAMO-Soft!

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