Program description
  • Integration with accounting applications

    You can easily look in the “Payments” section whether a customer has paid for the application and whether you have settled with your service providers. You may choose any currency to be displayed with a particular payment. The saved payment reports can be exported to the 1C accounting system. You will also have the option to import payment information from a bank’s register.

  • The history of relationships with tourists

    Thanks to the "Recreation" function, the customer card displays all information on previous orders, as well as the average cost of the services ordered by them.
    This data will allow you to know more about the customer and offer something new based on his interests and budget.

  • Bonus program

    It's a loyalty program that designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of your agency and come back to you again. More about the bonus programs in SAMO-touragent, we told on the webinar.

  • Management of advertisement efficiency

    Now you can generate a report about the efficiency of advertisement based on ad sources, allowing you to choose an optimal promotional strategy.

  • Built-in e-mail and SMS messaging.

    These functions will give you the opportunity to not take your customers about new promotions and special offers, provide information about changes made to applications, gather reviews and send out compliments.

  • Lite version

    If you have a large flow of standard requests and you are focused on package tours, managers can 3 times faster make an application using the Lite version. Look at the video, it's really very fast!

  • Supplementary information

    Attach individual supplementary information to applications and extend spreadsheets using additional individual cells.

  • Automation of delivery

    Know where your delivery people are and where they are going next at any given moment. Generate and print out to-do lists, and oversee their realization. Generate and print out to-do lists, and oversee their realization.

  • Integration with payment systems

    Increase your sales at the expense of new payment channels with the payment system Uniteller! The paid amount will also be displayed in the on-line office.

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