SAMO-select - selection of tours to clients
A simple tool for making quick selection of tours to the client. The tourist calls on you to find options for recreation. Using SAMO-select, the manager will need only a couple of minutes to collect all the suitable variants from different sites in the general list and show it to the tourist for making the final decision.
The manager needs to do only:
  • Find options for recreation on the websites of tour operators or in search engines
  • Add the appropriate option to the SAMO-select
  • Send a list of tours to the client by e-mail, sms or simply print
For you, SAMO-select is:
  • Easily

    You are looking for tours and just add options to the cart to show or send the selection to the tourist.
  • Attractive

    Pay attention to the tourists using a branded list of offers
  • Practical

    Clear interface, convenient work with lists of offers, detailed statistics.
  • Winning

    The preservation of the SAMO-select lists and the contact of tourists in the SAMO-touragent.
How to start working in SAMO-select?
Select plan
Functions Base Pro
Creating SAMO-select list
E-mail/ SMS sending
Print offers
Branding lists
Action statistics
Integration with SAMO-touragent
Calculation of cost by formula
Editing email templates
Edit lists template
Disabling the SAMO-select reference
Visibility settings for offers / customers
Connection settings with SAMO-touragent
Mass mailing of SAMO-select lists

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