Online-module of booking hotels for individuals (B2C)

Full-value electronic store for the sale of hotels and additional services for individuals

Module features:

  • Full-featured website interface for hotel booking;
  • Search for hotels and accommodation prices for the specified composition of tourists;
  • Search for hotels by country, region, route;
  • Display information about hotels, rooms and services;
  • Catalog of photos of hotels;
  • Sorting of sample results by price;
  • Ability to view special offers and tariff plans with comments.
  • Possibility of viewing the availability of seats (instant confirmation) for a different period of stay.
  • Reservation of hotels;
  • Possibility to book additional services (flights, transfers, excursions) provided by both the host and the hotel;
  • Customizable interface for switching to external payment systems;
  • Sending notifications by E-mail;
  • Printing of supporting documents;
  • Possibility of a detailed view of the cost of all services included in the application and the ability to save and print the calculation.
  • The ability to view booked orders in the directory, track the status of confirmation, send a request for cancellation, pay and guarantee payment on applications.

Requirements for installation:

  • A processor with a frequency of 2 GHz or higher;
  • Operative memory not less than 8 Gb;
  • At least 100 Gb of free hard disk space (high-speed disks or RAID are recommended);
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 edition of Standart
  • Apache 2.4 + PHP 5.6 and higher.

Demo version

To get acquainted with the demo version of the module or if you have any other questions, write to us at or .

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