Online-module of booking hotels for individuals (B2C)

Full-value electronic store for the sale of hotels and additional services for individuals

Module features:

  • Full-featured website interface for hotel booking;
  • Search for hotels and accommodation prices for the specified composition of tourists;
  • Search for hotels by country, region, route;
  • Display information about hotels, rooms and services;
  • Catalog of photos of hotels;
  • Sorting of sample results by price;
  • Ability to view special offers and tariff plans with comments.
  • Possibility of viewing the availability of seats (instant confirmation) for a different period of stay.
  • Reservation of hotels;
  • Possibility to book additional services (flights, transfers, excursions) provided by both the host and the hotel;
  • Customizable interface for switching to external payment systems;
  • Sending notifications by E-mail;
  • Printing of supporting documents;
  • Possibility of a detailed view of the cost of all services included in the application and the ability to save and print the calculation.
  • The ability to view booked orders in the directory, track the status of confirmation, send a request for cancellation, pay and guarantee payment on applications.

Demo version

To get acquainted with the demo version of the module or if you have any other questions, write to us at or .

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