Online-module for booking excursions by individuals (B2C)

Online-module of booking excursions is intended for sale to tourists excursions as a separate additional service.Tourist can book and pay at will in real time immediately before the trip or already during the trip in the host country.

When planning a trip, the tourist can pick up the most interesting excursion routes in advance and be guaranteed to get there if there is an armor.Or already being on vacation and having the desire to spend time with advantage, a tourist can instantly get information about current and nearest excursions in the region's region through a website, terminal or mobile application.

Book an excursion as easy as book a plane ticket or hotel room.

Booking of excursions in the Online mode for a tourist becomes possible through:

  • website of the host company;
  • terminals at check-in counters or in hotels in the host country

By placing on its site a module for booking excursions, the host company adds a significant competitive advantage, allowing instant advertising of the full range of its services to numerous visitors to the site.An additional source of advertising for active web- and mobile booking of excursions can also be vouchers with information on this service, mass announcements of guides, as well as active participation of interested partners.

Module features:

  • formation of any types of excursions on interests and categories;
  • round-the-clock online search and booking of excursions by regions and directions;
  • loading of individual prices for different categories of tourists, booking and cancellation rules, quota of places;
  • Integration with the PayPal payment system for online payment acceptance;
  • Entering a detailed description of excursions and routes with photos and duration;
  • creation of a contract-offer for booking;
  • function of sorting by price and name of excursions;
  • Filter system by date, time, location;
  • function online booking confirmation;
  • formation of lists of participants and accounting of sold excursions;
  • viewing by tourists of their applications and personal information about leaving the hotel;
  • the simplest booking without preliminary registration;
  • automatic check of the reservation status for the tourist;
  • adaptive design for any portable and mobile device;
  • multilanguage interface.

Thanks to the flexible adjustment to the individual possibilities and features of the tourist, as well as in addition to the convenient instant payment system, the excursion booking module takes the form of a full-scale sightseeing online bureau for interaction with tourists.In your hands, a unique and modern means for organizing a diverse and exciting holiday for tourists.It is in your power to make sure that tourists buy excursions systematically all year round.

Benefits for the host company:

  • the broadcasting of excursion routes of a multimillion audience of the Internet;
  • an additional channel for sales of excursions through the site, mobile devices and terminals;
  • sale of additional services to a tourist directly, bypassing guides or intermediaries;
  • increase in the number of bookings from independent tourists;
  • popularization of the company's brand and image support;
  • operational statistics and bookkeeping of bookings.

Demo version: here

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