Online-module for checking tourist transfers (B2C)

Online-module is designed to check the date and time of your transfer from the hotel. The transfer in this case can be any group or individual movement of the tourist along the route using transport, this is the departure of the tourist from the hotel to the airport or train station, transfer to other hotels in case of a transfer tour, or departure of the tourist for booked excursions from the hotel.

Online-service can be used at the reception in the reception area of ​​the hotel guests or at the terminals inside the hotel, on the site of the host company, and you can also print a link to this service on the tourist voucher. By the number of the voucher or by personal data, the tourist will be available all information on his personal transfers during accommodation in the hotel at the local time of the country of residence and in the language he needs. The guide's contacts can also be attached to every transfer.

The hotel does not require any additional installation of the software, because the module works through any browser with the Internet.

Such an information service on-line will be convenient, since in flight programs of tour operators there are frequent flight changes or change of departure time, especially in charter flights, and sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances in which the transfer is postponed, or the date of the excursion is postponed.

This service in the work on the terminal allows you to remove the load from the operators at the hotel's reception, reducing the time for customer service. The necessary information on transfers any tourist can get without referring to the hotel staff or guide and not look for himself in the paper lists going out on the information boards at the reception.

The efficiency of providing information to vacationers will certainly be appreciated by the tourists themselves and added to the qualities of high service of the host company and its hotels.

Demo version (on reservation number 90003792): here

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