Online-booking module for individuals (B2C)

Online-module for individuals for PC "SAMO-incoming" is intended for the organization of online sales of hotels, transfers, excursions and various additional services. Online-module allows individuals to find out all information about the services of the host company, namely:

  • select and calculate the cost of living in a hotel;
  • Get information about flights or buy tickets;
  • get information about special offers;
  • get information about the availability of rooms in hotels;
  • to receive information about the stops of sales in hotels;
  • receive messages from the host company;
  • track information about the status of the reservation;
  • perform online payment applications and view payments.
  • print invoices and documents.

In addition, the client can very quickly book an application. This does not require special skills. You only need to choose a hotel, accommodation, meals, the duration of the trip and if necessary, book transfers, excursions and additional services. Will only enter the names of tourists. The information appears directly in the database of the receiving party (in the PC database "SAMO-incoming"), which means that the application immediately goes to work.

The next useful function of the online booking module is the possibility for customers, using their access rights, to view their issued applications directly from the hosted tour operator's database. You can find out the status of confirmation of applications, print out the necessary documents: account, voucher. This significantly saves the time for employees to respond to phone calls to communicate with customers.

Demo version

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