Integration with GDS-avia

Connecting global distribution systems (GDS), such as: Amadeus, Saber, Sirena, Travel Port, Galileo, Nemo.Travel, Aviacenter and others is a new technological solution for tour operators who want to add to their services the sale of regular shipments and form dynamic packages "own land" + "regular flight", as well as to provide their customers (agencies and individuals) with the current package price immediately before booking a tour.

Features of the solution

  • The search for variants of flights to GDS and the calculation of the cost of the order, taking into account the flights found, occurs in the "online" mode, without requiring the preliminary creation of flights and prices.For each variant of the flight, an additional payment or a discount to the tour cost is calculated.
  • The client is available various filters for the selection of flights on the tour booking page (stops, time of departure, airlines, flight duration, etc.).
  • The client is shown information about the presence of baggage, the possibility of returning the ticket and the rules of transportation from the airline.
  • The ticket is automatically booked in GDS (will receive a PNR identifier) ​​when the order is saved in the SAMO-Tour PC.In the confirmation of the application, the time limit for payment for the flight will automatically be entered and the minimum amount of the prepayment will be indicated.
  • In case of non-payment of an application, the reservation in GDS for flights will be automatically withdrawn.
  • The ticket is issued automatically after full payment or an advance payment of the order.Links to electronic route receipts will be automatically added to the application.
  • Two variants of forming rounds with a dynamic package: "Average tariff" for a flight in a package for the formation of a price in the search for tours + update on the reservation page;Automatic download of prices for flights from GDS for the formation of prices in the search for tours + update on the reservation page.
  • Flexible system of customizing tours for working with GDS flights.

This solution is successfully used by leading tour operators of Russia and Kazakhstan, working on the PC platform "SAMO-Tour", such as Anex Tour, Space Travel, Art Tour, Spectrum and many others.

Solution Advantages

  • Significant reduction in labor costs for the formation of tourist products on regular flights.
  • The opportunity to expand the range of directions without additional costs.
  • All regular flights are available in the search in your online, so you can satisfy even the most non-standard inquiries.
  • Always up-to-date information on the availability and cost of tickets, thanks to new integration technologies.

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