GDS-hotel integration

Integration with hotel GDS systems such as: Academservice; Alean; Bronevik; Dolphin; Hotelbeds; Travco; Paximum; Expedia and others (the full list of available partners is regularly updated and available here), allows the tour operator to generate for sale a tour product consisting of its own ground handling services (transfers, insurance, other additional services) and hotel accommodation taken from the GDS system.

Service features:

  • No uploading of supplier catalogs to the system is required. Information about countries, regions, cities, hotels, hotel categories, types of meals and accommodation costs is loaded dynamically from the GDS system;
  • On-the-fly calculation of the tour price, thanks to a query to the supplier's database directly at the moment of search;
  • Cancellation conditions and other important information for clients are loaded;
  • Automatic exchange of application statuses, actualization of booking status, cancellation of the application both from the tour operator and from the supplier.
  • Advantages:

    • Expanding the range of offers by adding new hotel options and other services.
    • Helps tour operators optimize their resources and reduce the cost of forming tour packages by automating processes. Thanks to dynamic integration, errors are reduced and staff time is saved.
    • Will allow the company's customers to receive better and more personalized service, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat sales.

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