Program description

Suitable for operators
any type

  • For niche tour operators

    Are you specializing in one country, or a group of similar countries, or in some specific direction? Do you sell tours both through agencies and directly to tourists? SAMO-tour, online plus an additional sales module to individuals will be your indispensable helpers. Your tasks are solved once, twice, three!

  • For multidisciplinary

    Companies that focus on the mass buyer, dealing with many directions, having a wide range of offers, can not do without specialized software that takes into account all the features of their work. The SAMO-tour program is the best solution for this. The system will calculate any amount of tour packages, optimize online sales, collect statistics. Absolute control and 100% automation in all areas of work.

  • For subtouroperators

    SAMO-tour is quite suitable for those companies that do not form their product in large quantities, but mainly resell other tours of tour operators. The program configures the automatic receipt of offers from your suppliers, then you can adjust the cost of the services and publish for implementation to your agents / customers.

  • Нишевым туроператорам.
  • Многопрофильным туроператорам
Reliable back-office

business processes

  • Product Management

    Create simple or complex tours from a different set of routes and services, expand the range by adding additional services to the tour, form special offers - the program has a lot of opportunities for effective product management.

  • Operational control and price marketing

    Manage the cost of services using the mechanism of dynamic pricing (price revision).

  • Management of work with suppliers and clients

    Assign your customers discounts / commissions for tours, spor, early booking, etc. Optimize the acquisition of data from suppliers, through integration.

  • Financial management

    You can always track whether the application is paid by the customer and you have settled with the service providers. Due to the possibility of unloading financial transactions from 1C, the life of the accounting department will be much easier. Control of financial indicators is one of the key functions of the system.

  • Manage settings and rights

    Assigning access rights to various activities, both individual users and groups of users, individual user interface settings for each user, etc.

  • Flexible pricing system

    Manage the markups of the tour operator, commissions and discounts to buyers. Set quota numbers for hotels, transport. When booking an application, the program automatically checks the remaining numbers of hotels and places on flights.

  • Управление продуктом
  • Управление продажами
  • Управление работой с поставщиками и клиентами
  • Управление финансами
  • Управление настройками и правами
Sales online

Your online store

  • Online Booking Module (b2b)

    This is the main tool for the tour operator to organize the sale of tours through the Internet. Working with the booking system, the agency will see all the latest information on the availability of services and in a matter of minutes it will be able to book any tour.

  • Document printing modules

    These modules will allow the tour operator to withdraw any of the documents: air ticket, voucher, insurance, visa and much more in the personal account of the booking system, and an agency or tourist will be able to print any of them.

  • Additional modules of the reservation system

    The reservation system of the tour operator has many additional modules that expand its capabilities to achieve certain goals: for example, to make it easier for the agency to track changes in flights, or to show the schedule for issuing documents, or for arranging tourists in places.

  • Online Booking Module (b2c)

    This interface of the reservation system is focused on working with individuals, it gives tourists the same booking opportunities, only here is taken into account the fact that the tourist booked and pays the tour directly to the tour operator.

  • Модуль online-бронирования (b2b)
  • Модуль online-бронирования (b2c)
  • Модули печати документов
  • Дополнительные модули системы бронирования

Data exchange with business partners
in real time

  • XML-Gateway for external distribution systems

    The customized XML gateway for PC "SAMO-tour" enables the sale of tour operator services through global search and booking systems. This modern method of broadcasting its travel services in third-party systems allows you to significantly expand the channels of online sales and reduce the load on your site and server.

  • Resale of tours of third-party tour operators

    With the help of specially developed integration mechanisms, the tour operator can interact and exchange data with tour operators working in other systems. The completeness of the interaction depends on the chosen integration mechanism: downloading the upload of XML files, the use of Web services or the automatic loading / unloading of package prices, STRs, flight schedules, sales stops and quotas for flights of other maintenance services.

  • Resale of tours of third-party tour operators (partners "SAMO")

    A feature of this type of integration is that prices are not copied from the database of one tour operator to the base of another. This method not only reduces the load on the server, most importantly - it guarantees the completeness and relevance of prices in the booking system of the tour operator.

  • Integration with the host company

    Having set up integration with the host company, the tour operator gets the most important advantage - automatic data exchange (prices, free software, quotas and blocks, stopping sales, booking, cancellation, etc.) in real time. Qualitatively new level of work with suppliers.

  • Integration with the airline

    A special web-service for automatic data exchange with airlines. Passenger information is transmitted to the airline, and a confirmed ticket appears in the SAMO-tour program, which can be sent to the tourist or given the opportunity to download the ticket independently.

  • Integration with GDS (Amadeus, Saber, Sirena, etc.)

    Integration will allow the tour operator on the fly to load additional variants of transportation from the GDS-systems into the booking system and calculate the final cost of the order, and you can do all this without setting up a new tour in the program.

  • Integration with insurance companies

    Web-service, allowing, either automatically, or manually transfer the insurance company information about tourists. In return, the insurance company will return the numbers of insurance policies that can be printed out in the program, send to the tourist or give the chance to download the policy independently.

  • Integration in the reservation system "Andromeda"

    Andromeda is a system of searching and booking tours for travel agencies. For convenience and speed of work, it is built-in CRM for travel agencies - SAMO-touragent - and ensures the interaction of TO-TA in the part of booking applications, exchange of confirmations and documents. 100% relevance of prices and availability of tours, minimum manual labor both from the side of the TO and from the agent. By connecting to the system, the tour operator gives access to its products to more than 4,000 agents.

  • Integration into the reservation system ""

    Continuation of the development of the Andromeda reservation system and the use of its unique technologies not only b2b, but also b2c segment. Online service provides an opportunity for the end user of travel services to independently book a tour in the system and pay it to the operator or order at the agency.

  • Перепродажа туров сторонних туроператоров (партнеры
Analytics and control

Analyze the information,
make the right conclusions.

  • Reporting system

    More than 100 output reports allow you to automatically receive information on settlements with partners, payment on applications, various lists of tourists (for tour, flight, additional services, insurance company), consolidated balance reports, hotel statistics partners for the period. And various financial reports: a cash book, books of sales and accounts, will help keep records, control, and also forecast the profit and expenses of your company.

  • Important indicators for managers

    Specialized modules for managers that allow you to remotely monitor and control: hotel sales, occupancy of hotel room blocks, flight occupancy and online flight status.

  • Система отчетов
  • Важные показатели для руководителей
  • Integration with 1C Accounting software
  • Integration with e-mail clients
  • Flexible pricing model
  • A flexible administration system
  • Management of partners rewards
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