Online booking system for SAMO-tour (B2B)

The online booking module is intended for tour operators who are users of the SAMO-tour program.It allows you to post on the website of the tour operator the latest information on prices for tours, vacant places on flights, stopping sales in hotels.

The form of search and booking is universal and suitable for sale through the site of the tour operator of any package tours, sightseeing and bus tours, ground handling, and the system is convenient for selling air tickets and additional services.The system allows you to book applications for both standard and complex travel tours, as well as applications in an arbitrary form.It is possible to sell travel services to agencies and individuals (tourists) directly.

Online booking system is easily adapted for entry and exit tourism with any number of destinations and accommodation facilities, taking into account all possible features of group and individual tours.The multifunctionality of the system is valued both by tour operators of mass destinations and by highly specialized (niche) tour operators.

For more effective use of the online booking system, you can always add the necessary auxiliary service or option, depending on the specific activities of the tour operator.

Features and functions

  • Publication of travel services with prices on the website of the tour operator;
  • Access to Online-reservation for agencies-partners and for tourists with a private office;
  • Current information on the site: about tours, special and best offers, availability of seats on flights, flight schedules, about stopping sales in hotels and on flights, additional services, etc .;
  • Display price dynamics for the period for each package;
  • The possibility of calculating the installments for payment for the tour;
  • The choice of currency for displaying prices;
  • Print documents via the website: air ticket, voucher, contract, confirmation, insurance, power of attorney, visa, invoice for payment, memo for tourist, etc .;
  • Quick search for the main page of the site with simplified booking;
  • Making an arbitrary application for complex travel tours;
  • Filling of data on the site for visa application forms;
  • Registration of agencies on the site with automatic issuance of logins and passwords for booking;
  • Control of the status and status of the application with the ability to edit the tourist's data and the schedule for issuing documents;
  • Broadcast the list of partner agencies where you can buy tourist products;
  • The system of classification of hotels by popularity and in the catalog;
  • View flight schedules and their current changes;
  • Remote control for managers on the occupancy of hotel room blocks, flights and the state of flights, hotel sales;
  • Carrying out of payments by bank cards on a site of the tour operator;
  • Full history of interaction with agents through a personal cabinet;
  • High speed of access to the database and adaptability for all types of browsers;
  • Replicating the online booking system to the sites of its partner agents;
  • Publish your offers for fast online booking in the agency software complex "SAMO-travel agent" ;
  • Uploading your offers to third-party distribution systems with receiving back orders;
  • Download offers from third-party tour operators in its Online system for sale under its own brand.

A fully functioning online booking system on the website of the tour operator is a large set of auxiliary tools for building your own modern online sales channel.

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